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Policy of Quality SRH

Supplies Safety and Rescue sets as a priority objective within its quality policy, the development of their business activity (Marketing of material for equipment, SAR, Life-saving water, vertical Work, adventure Parks, mountain rescue, Firefighters and fire brigades, forest, in addition to our online CUSTOMSSR), so as to ensure the full satisfaction of our customers in terms of quality, compliance, time, attention, service, and other applicable requirements; and to do this is considered necessary for the implementation of the System of Quality Management established according to the norm JOINS-IN ISO 9001.

Our technical team is aware that quality is one of the pillars on which should settle the future of Supply Security and Rescue facilitates the human and material resources necessary to ensure that our services will meet, on a permanent basis the requirements of the market.

The general guidelines of the Quality Policy, it is stated:

  • Inform all team Supplies in Safety and Rescue for who is perfectly aware of their functions and the present Policy of the Quality.
  • Analyze the failures and errors that may occur in order to eliminate its causes and prevent its repetition in the future.
  • To meet the demands of the customer and provide better service than our competitors in a manner that will enhance the satisfaction of our customers (Private Customers, Public Administration and private bodies).
  • To foster a culture of continuous improvement to improve the effectiveness of the System of Quality Management.
  • Define objectives with respect to the Quality, serving this Policy as the basis for its determination.
  • Review annually this Policy of Quality, in order to focus on the achievement of continuous improvement.

We understand that to compete successfully we have to strive for achieving excellence in quality and productivity in our services.

This Quality policy is applicable to all the departments of Supplies, Safety and Rescue.

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