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Bag waterproof 4 LITRES

004 Bolsa estanca 4 Litros

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This PackDivider 100% waterproof is a bag tender with capacity of 4 liters

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This PackDivider 100% waterproof is a bag tender with capacity of 4 liters

  • ultra-lightweight
  • ultra-fine
  • very manageable
  • orders + separates our luggage into smaller units
  • perfect to organize and protect clothes, bivy, and stuff
  • allows you to mix things, wet and dry in your luggage
  • the perfect solution to protect /separate your stuff out of toilet

This product was guaranteed for FIVE years against defects in workmanship and materials.


Maximum dimensions of what you want to protect
Capacity4 litres
Height (the maximum that allows the cover inside)300 mm
Easy to adjust capacityThe fine nylon allows you to adapt the capacity of the bag easily to your needs. You can reduce the capacity up to at least half (giving more turns to the top 3 turns essential)
Circumference460 mm
Total weight (accessories included)38 g
Materialsnylon 70 D | interior finishing: coating PU | exterior finish: silicone coating
"Rolltop"Bend the top 3 times + set (linking the carabiners of the 2 ends)
Main Colorwhite semi opaque
Background Colorblue with handle black
Union stitching
Seamsunited with glue and tape (not welded)
Notice BuoyancyThe buoyancy depends on the weight of the device and the air that is inside the cover. Try it before use.
Details specific to this product
Handle on the bottom of the baggreatly facilitates removing the bag from the site where it is saved
AsaOnce rolled and closed, the closing "rolltop" is converted to asa
Tips | Warnings
Shock resistanceThis pouch Aquapac is NOT meant for absorbing impacts and bumps
CleaningAfter contact with salt or chlorinated water , or with sun creams , wash with water and soap and then rinse with fresh water. Do not use bleach , alcohol, or cleaners expertise.
Check statusWe recommend you to check the status of the bag before each use


recomendado por la FEDME

The Technical Canyons of the FEDME have tested this bag auxiliary PackDivider...

<< ... we have come to appreciating some of its aspects to the next bit of input..

The bags are good to put on dry clothing, bivouac, and equipment to keep safe and dry, correct dimensions. The different measures help to choose the right one for your use.

Good manageability, as it is a bag, auxiliary, can be used for a multitude of things.

Low resistance to the ravines, however as bag assistant always we can locate in the interior of the backpack traditional to keep the equipment dry, both on the inside of the backpack as in the pocket of a mushroom top.

One of the interesting things of these dry bags is that we can use for a myriad of things, both within the activity as well as outside. As a dry bag meets your expectations...keep dry things...very useful in canyoning.

As a conclusion we will say that these dry bags can be used clearly in the descent of ravines as bags, auxiliaries, and never in contact with the outer elements, since they are a little resistant, but as a dry bag inside the backpack or in the same tank, no problem...after the activity, it is convenient to review it, as all.

Good product completely advisable... ...


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Bag waterproof 4 LITRES

Bag waterproof 4 LITRES

This PackDivider 100% waterproof is a bag tender with capacity of 4 liters